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Paola Bruni possesses a unique combination of razor-sharp insight and intelligence that is always delivered from a place of deep compassion and heart. Paola is gifted at seeing and speaking the unseen and provides a great bridge for others to track and manifest their vision and mission from idea to reality.

Deborah Price
Founder, Money Coaching Institute


Paola’s insight encourages you to uncover your financial life experiences and unresolved money issues. With Paola’s guidance, one can build a renewed foundation with money and yourself. I highly recommend Paola without reservations and found this process to be quite motivational, informative and worthwhile.

David Harari CMC®
President, Harrow Financial LLC


Paola’s wise and compassionate approach to coaching woke me up to my head-in-the-sand relationship with money. Working through my money biography and life inventory, her teaching made it exciting and inspiring to unearth the root of my fear and resistance to looking at money square in the eye. She has given me the gift of awareness, which will revolutionize how I move through the next stage of my life’s journey (now!).

Sharon O’Neil
Operations Director, Pajaro Valley Arts

Revelatory and freeing! Paola has a deep capacity to see what is beneath our external hardwiring to help reveal the nature of money’s often-complex hold on our wellbeing. As a Silicon Valley CFO, I somewhat smugly brought along decades of financial expertise to our initial sessions, during which we uncovered the strange and strangled relationships between my inner archetypes. With her compassionate guidance, I was able to witness my own reactive habits borne of family history, life experience and necessary competence in my career goals. I now find that I am much more able to catch myself in a moment of soul twisting and ask: does”this internal judgment about money really serve me? Better yet, I am replacing worn-out dialogue with an authentic permission to dream more and stress less. This is truly meaningful work with a wise and marvelous coach.

Nora Bianchi


Being a business owner of a firm that deals with money (taxes, payroll, and accounting), I’ve learned a LOT about money over the years. Being one who strives for balance in life, I’ve learned a lot about how to approach life with openness and awareness, how to pay attention to those things that affect your happiness, and seeing my stress and the stress of those around me lessen as a result.

So when Paola Bruni, a long-time client, called me earlier this year to let me know she’s embarked on a new money coaching career path, part of me thought “Sounds great, but I’m in the business of money and I’m a fairly attuned individual so…,” Another part of me listened intently to what seemed like a deep sacred truth Paola was touching on. It seemed Paola knew something about money that I didn’t and more important, that she knew how to approach the money dialogue in a way that addressed colossally important issues such as happiness, compassion, and life balance. The call ended and I decided to embark on the “Excellent Excavation” process—a multi-week one-to-one deep dive into my money story.

First, the name Insight Money Coaching is perfect—insights WILL be revealed if you allow yourself the opportunity to work with Paola. Even for this mid 40s career money man. The process was enlightening, enjoyable, hard work at times and very worthwhile. So much so I HAD to share what she does with my awesome clients and friends. It would be selfish not to.

Jason Mersman


The goal of therapy is awareness, which I’ve learned over many decades and several thousands of dollars of searching. While Paola Bruni is not a therapist and doesn’t represent herself as one, her Insight Money Coaching is the most effective form of therapy I have been through. It is thorough, focused and inexpensive. If you want to understand the influence of your parents, grandparents, children and a lifetime of friends, Paola will help. If you want to unravel your discomfort or lack of success with money, Paola will help. Her intelligence will lead you to self understanding in realms way beyond money. She’s fun, too.

Kit Anderton


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