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It’s not just a “push your button” topic. It’s a “push ALL your buttons at the same time topic.”

The topic of money is stressful, no doubt. But as a Money Coach, my job is to help you loosen up, tell your story, shed old patterns (like shame, blame and guilt).

The result? You find new ways of being with money, and more importantly, with abundance, which really is the big enchilada.

Who’s Money Coaching for?

Fabulous women and men. People who spend money faster than they earn it. People who are flush, but somehow still anxious. People who used to have millions in the bank but lost it (once or more). People whose “money stuff” got dredged up by divorce, inheritance, downsizing, retirement, loss of a spouse or partner …

Simply put? People who want to heal and change their relationship with money.

OK, so how’s it all work?

Money coaching is a little hard to describe. It’s not therapy, but it is therapeutic.

We don’t fiddle with spreadsheets and calculators. (That’s what financial planners and accountants do.) But it is about how you chose to spend/invest/gift your money.

Money Coaching (at least how I do it) brings awareness to your money patterns and beliefs without boring you to death or scaring you witless.

And we don’t even have to talk about a budget, if you don’t want to.

I’ll help you to:

Stop being your Mom with money. (Or your Dad or your inherited cultural belief about how any artist worth her salt should struggle to keep the heat on.) I’ll help you figure out the money patterns that were welded into your brain as a child so they stop running the show, stressing you out, and sabotaging your finances (and sanity).

Put your wisest self in the driver’s seat. Actually, first, we’ll see who’s already driving this money car of yours. Is it that part of you that tells you to max out your last credit card at the local art fair (because, hey, supporting the arts is important … and you deserve it, right?) We’ll sort out all the voices in your head…the do-gooder, spendthrift, manifestor, stasher, magician, harbinger, blamer, and figure out which ones have a megaphone and which ones are whispering. The BIG goal is to harmonize those voices… so you get what you want out of work and life.

Sing your own praises loud and proud. Everybody has a set of mad skills, talents, and abilities — and that includes you. Whether it’s juggling, horseshoe tossing, or telling fortunes, all of your gifts, innate and learned, combine to make you unique and fabulous. But maybe you’ve been hiding these gifts, for some reason. Maybe you’ve been scared. Maybe you’ve been too worried about money to take a chance on the BIG dream. I’ll help you reclaim those gifts of yours — which lays the foundation for your next money-and-life steps.

If I had to boil it down to one ultra-fine distillation, I’d say Money Coaching is about CHOICE. Blasting open those doors of awareness, so you can make new and better choices — and stop running on autopilot.

Once you embrace CHOICE, anything is possible. You can reinvent yourself (trust me, I know), stop hiding from ideas and inspiration, and crack open to new ways of thinking and being. It’s pretty awesome.

Paola possesses a unique combination of razor-sharp insight and intelligence that is always delivered from a place of deep compassion and heart. Paola is gifted at seeing and speaking the unseen and provides a great bridge for others to track and manifest their vision and mission from idea to reality.

—Deborah Price
Founder, Money Coaching Institute

Talk to me!

If you’re already feeling a little freaked, that’s normal. After all, we’re talking about MONEY. So grab your superhero cape (no tights required) and get in touch.

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