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One to One

Getting real about your money stuff can feel awfully vulnerable, right? That’s why many people prefer going nose-to-nose (or Zoom to Zoom…very cool virtual room) with me, one-on-one style.

In these intimate, private sessions, I’ll focus all of my attention on you.

What do you want to achieve, with money? What’s really holding you back? What secret, deep desire do you want to satisfy? It’s never too early (or too late) to consider your bucket list dreams and goals.

Awesome Archetype Consult

Are you wondering what all Money Coaching is really about? Or maybe you’re intrigued, but like to dip your toes in before making a bigger commitment? This is for you.

Expect to:

  • Learn about your money archetype profile. Who has been making your money decisions: your inner martyr, warrior, fool (or other archetype)?
  • Notice which archetypes are out in the open, in your money life … and which are hiding out in the shadows (but still pulling your strings).
  • Find out how to tell when an archetype has been triggered…so instead of being reactive and out of control, you can make a different choice. Preferably one that doesn’t involve road rage.

When you’re aware of your unique archetype combination, you’ve got more freedom to choose good, happy-making financial decisions. (Big ones and teensy ones.)


  • Evaluation of your Money Type Quiz
  • One-hour consult (live or virtual) where you get to meet and greet all the voices in your head.

Your investment: $150/session

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Excellent Excavation

Are you feeling anxious about money? Ready to join me on an archeological trek to unearth your money story? Here’s your chance to find out about your inner landscape: how it’s been hardwired around money, and how you can literally change how you think.

Expect to:

  • Dive deep into your money story. You’ll learn what money mindset you inherited from your family, lineage, and community.
  • Become aware of positive and challenging money attributes taking up residence in your beautiful brain and develop small but significant steps toward change.
  • Discover ways to leverage all your beautiful gifts and skills.


  • Everything in Awesome Archetype Consult (the initial one-hour consultation)
  • Plus one, 60-90 minute sessions every week, for four weeks
  • Email support throughout your Excavation process

By the end of this enlivening experience, you’ll be more awake and aware of your money behaviors and attitudes … and empowered to make better, smarter choices that leave you feeling proud.

We’ll unearth the old sources of your challenges and gifts, with money … but we’ll also probably share a few belly laughs. (I suggest wine and chocolate as suitable accompaniment.)

Your Investment: $600

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My money mantra for most of my life has been “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” with evil being the almighty dollar. No wonder I had such a hard time talking about money! Paola helped me to recognize how much unintended power I was giving money. Her steady guidance and wise counsel led me to better understand the unconscious attitudes and patterns that influenced and framed my relationship with money and most importantly, how to forge a healthier relationship with the not so mighty dollar.

          Devon Dabbs
Vice President, Pediatric Programming and Education
Coalition for Compassionate Care of California

Remarkable Re-Invention

Even when you know same old, same old, isn’t working for you, sometimes you need help remembering why you’re reinventing yourself. That’s because transition is a road full of bumps and blips … and sometimes it just feels soooo temptingly easy to stay stuck.

This is for all you courageous changelings out there. You benefit from all the facets of the Excellent Excavation, and more … so you never have to feel like you’re going it alone.


  • Everything in Excellent Excavation — plus an additional 10 hours of one-on-one time. That’s 14, 60-90 minute sessions with me, one-on-one.
  • Email support during your Re-Invention process.
  • Exercises to keep you on track when those pesky old patterns start yanking
    your chain.
  • Life-mapping strategy so you can focus (and stay focused) on your dreams.
  • A professional accountability partner (that’s me!) to help you navigate your challenges and celebrate your successes on your way to creating a more purposeful life.

We’ll be partners. You + Me = New You.

Your Investment: $2,000

Schedule now.