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For Nonprofits

Show Me the Money

Nonprofits need money. (Drum roll please!) I know this first hand having spent more than a decade raising millions of dollars for a variety of fabulous nonprofit organizations.

In my experience, most rely on a few select people willing and capable of getting the dough to keep the coffers full and the agency running. But what if those efforts could be ramped up a notch, or two, or MORE?

Money coaching for nonprofits looks at individual and group dynamics—from the inside out.

We explore:

  • Your organization’s archetypes to better understand how each individual’s attitudes and beliefs influence your collective ability to attract and retain money.
  • Role play as a way to celebrate strengths and understand and gently address challenges.
  • Strategies for obtaining financial wellness by firing up positive archetypes.

Together, we’ll go on an adventure. I’ll help you to loosen up with improv games, talk about what’s most important, and help you to create a thought process that can change the way you look and feel about your organization, yourselves, and your fundraising efforts.


  • Advance analysis of money archetype quiz results (for up to six people)
  • One and a half hour organizational workshop

Investment: $750

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“Paola recently facilitated a retreat for our Board of Directors. Included in the day’s activities was a session devoted to identifying the money archetypes present in our leadership team. Needless to say, most of our board was terrified about the prospect of such analysis. However, Paola’s skillful guidance not only reduced our anxiety, but opened the door for productive honest discussion about the Board’s role as a Money Raiser for the organization. Bravo, Paola!”

                                                                                                              Adrienne Momi

                                                                                                              Board President, Pajaro Valley Arts