Eight Money Voices Driving Your Decision Making

Ever wonder why you buy dinner for a friend when you haven’t got the dough? Stock up on every shade of lipgloss when you actually only use one? Hide the credit card bill from your spouse? Give financial gifts to your grown children, always with strings attached? When it comes to money, maybe your first, middle, and last name is control.

I could go on. Our relationship with money is complicated. Less than a quarter of our money beliefs are conscious. In fact, according to neuroscientists, 85 percent of our money impulses are subconsciously driven.

Eighty-five percent. That’s a pretty significant (scary) number. So how do we address this aspect of our psyche? Especially when it comes to money and financial decisions?

My good pal, and one of the pioneers of the Money Coaching field, Deborah Price, developed the eight money archetypes. Based on the work of Carl Jung—the father of modern psychology—the archetypes symbolize, “the vast reservoir of our experience as a species.”

Simply put, archetypes allow us to name specific beliefs and behaviors. The eight money types are:










Typically, you possess a combination of several different archetypes, a recipe if you will, for how you operate in the world relative to money. Some of the ingredients in the mix will be strong and active while others will be weak or passive.

Active archetypes are front and center, an obvious reflection of your relationship with money. Passive archetypes exist in the shadows. They are deeply rooted in the unconscious. For example: outwardly, you may be a strong Warrior archetype who works hard, achieves, and is financially successful. In addition, you may have one or more latent Martyr tendencies, which could manifest as perfectionism, a tendency to overwork, and a passive/aggressive approach to communication about money or finances. Perhaps your mix includes a bit of Tyrant, which means you may feel dissatisfied no matter how much you achieve.

Money archetypes have voices. Here’s a bit of dialogue from the perspective of the eight money archetypes. See if you identify with any of them.

“The tax bill? Oh, I don’t know where it is. It freaked me out, so I stuffed it under that pile of papers on my desk.” (Innocent)

“My boss doesn’t appreciate me. Everyone else has gotten a raise except me.” (Victim)

“Success comes from hard work. I’ll earn what I need.” (Warrior)

“I’ll work overtime. You go ahead…have fun with the girls. Tell them I said Merry Christmas.” (Martyr)

“I bought 400 lottery tickets. I know that was rent money, but I’m feeling lucky

today!” (Fool)

“I don’t feel comfortable taking money for my art. Honestly, I just do it for fun.” (Creator/Artist)

“Give me an accounting of every dollar you spent this month and I’ll tell you if you need more money for groceries.” (Tyrant)

“I believe this is going to work out for the best. I don’t know exactly how, because I don’t have a lot of extra money, but I’m going to sign up for that workshop anyway.” (Magician)

Why do these archetypes matter? They can be powerful teachers informing you where you may need to grow. Knowledge of your archetypes is awareness. And with awareness comes choices. In future blogs I’ll discuss more about each money type and the choices they represent.

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