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Send a Letter to Dear Money

Most of us spend our whole lives believing and living the stories about money we absorbed from our families.

But hold the phone. You can actually write your own money stories. And it can start with a simple, lovely letter.

Dear Money is your chance to tell Money how you really feel.

Get it all out on paper (well, virtual paper). Ask questions, make statements, implore, sing folk songs, stitch virtual quilts. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s all good in this no-judgment zone.

Dear Money is a safe space for you to speak your fears and secrets about money … and know you’ll be received lovingly.

It’s also where I’ll post my own nifty musings, answers to questions, and videos of yours truly.

Dunk your feet in, summon your brave heart, and stop hiding. Join me in transforming your relationship with money. Because I can’t wait to hear from you.

Dear Money