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About Paola

Insight Money CoachingI’m a Money Coach, proud puppy owner, double Leo, unapologetic chocoholic, and advocate for less banging your head against your desk about money.

I help ladies and gents let go of money angst … while actually having some fun. (Yup, it’s possible.)

I work with people one-on-one, in snazzy groups , and with nonprofit organizations who need some nudging to ramp up their fun-raising and fund-raising skills.

You can also invite me to captivate an audience. Happy to share my passion for money coaching at a brown bag lunch at your office, with your knitting group, or at a chamber mixer. I’ll spread a little money consciousness while getting you up ‘n out of your chair, laughing while you learn.

Here’s some of the stuff I live for:

Helping you know (I mean, really know) your worth , at a core level. Way beyond your bank balance.

Giving you the tools you need to get REAL about your relationship with money and life (that includes the good stuff!).

Supporting you in becoming aware, awake, and fiercely responsible for the money behaviors that have been holding you hostage…so you can start living a life that you adore.

I’m a changeling at heart.

Every 7-10 years, life conspires to have me reinvent myself. This last time, my mom got sick. Really sick. I couldn’t work. I made no money. But I got to hear my Mom’s end-of-life regrets and loves. It was a wake-up call and a gift.

After mom died, I decided to transform myself from the inside out. Converted from a major carnivore to an emerging gluten-free vegan who eats fish (a work-in-progress to say the least).

Quit my job without knowing what I would do next.

So why Money Coaching? Honestly, I’m not even sure how I ended up here, I just know I’m in the right place.

Deborah Price — one of the big kahuna founders of the money coaching movement, president of the Money Coaching Institute, and my good buddy — suggested I give it a try.

She helped me to see how bogged down I was by my own inherited money beliefs. I saw that in my 25 years as an entrepreneur, I had always undercharged and overworked.

And even when I earned over 6-figures doing the corporate thing and then the nonprofit thing, I still paced the hallways at 2AM, binging on Downtown Abbey, wrecked by money anxiousness.

Money Coaching showed me that my fear around not having enough money in the bank kept me from enjoying life…from buying myself decent clothes even when all my sweaters were holy. (I mean, they had holes in them — not that I’d joined the clergy.) I saw that I never really even enjoyed my rare time off work because I was convinced if I wasn’t working allofthetime , I’d be sleeping under a newspaper on a park bench.

I don’t think anyone should have to live with that kind of pain and chronic not-enoughness. You, me, or anyone. Money Coaching showed me all the beliefs and patterns keeping me stuck. But it didn’t stop there. It helped me work through them, bless them and release them.

Today? I love my job. And Ms. Martyr (you know, the one wearing the holy sweaters and sleeping under newspapers) is no longer in the driver’s seat, when it comes to money. I’m living in tune with my values and working toward my dreams in a grounded and happy, healthy way..

Money Coaching is my way of giving back, one person at a time, one group at a time … and if you’ll let me get a little lofty, here, maybe even help heal the planet from our ailing money consciousness.

If you want to know why you feel the way you do about money … heal that part of you that’s reactive and keeps you pacing the hallways at night … and be at peace with your money stuff… then I’d love to be your gal.

True confession: In an alternate reality, I am a full-time storyteller. The good news? That’s actually what I do, day in, day out, with men and women. I help folks tell their money stories and claim them…and write fabulous new chapters.

And it doesn’t have to feel like watching paint dry. I dearly LOVE to LAUGH.

If you’re thinking about it, but aren’t sure, just drop me a line. Happy to schedule a complimentary consult (that’s a freebie).

“My money mantra for most of my life has been ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,’ with evil being the almighty dollar. No wonder I had such a hard time talking about money! Paola helped me to recognize how much unintended power I was giving money. Her steady guidance and wise counsel led me to better understand the unconscious attitudes and patterns that influenced and framed my relationship with money and most importantly, how to forge a healthier relationship with the not so mighty dollar.”

Devon Dabbs