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Revelatory and freeing! Paola has a deep capacity to see what is beneath our external hardwiring to help reveal the nature of money’s often-complex hold on our wellbeing. As a Silicon Valley CFO, I somewhat smugly brought along decades of financial expertise to our initial sessions, during which we uncovered the strange and strangled relationships between my inner archetypes…Read More

– Nora Bianchi

Being a business owner of a firm that deals with money (taxes, payroll, and accounting), Ive learned a LOT about money over the years. Being one who strives for balance in life, Ive learned a lot about how to approach life with openness and awareness, how to pay attention to those things that affect your happiness, and seeing my stress and the stress of those around me lessen as a result…Read More

– Jason Mersman

The goal of therapy is awareness, which I’ve learned over many decades and several thousands of dollars of searching. While Paola Bruni is not a therapist and doesn’t represent herself as one, her Insight Money Coaching is the most effective form of therapy I have been through…Read More

– Kit Anderton